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It is so nice being lazy in Japan but I need to start being productive (besides just doing school online). The yen is expensive right now, only 89yen for a dollar, so it is the right time to get a job here. (I can't believe it was once something like 360yen for a dollar! Not fair!)

Anyway I am not really sure where to go. I like not having to work, but at the same time I miss it! My first destination in my quest is Akihabara, Tokyo's capitol of perverts and fetishists. I've tried looking for peepshows but I think there is only one here. Ideally I would like to work in a porn arcade though, so I can just do what I liked doing most back in SF- categorizing, arranging, and keeping track of the most popular porns. I just wish I could learn Japanese faster. It is the only thing keeping me back. I hate not knowing what people are saying, it makes me angry and frustrated. Also I hate having to memorize these thousands of characters and their multiple meanings and pronunciations. It is such an impractical language!

I noticed some interesting thins: People don't seem to want to sit next to me on trains and buses. Especially old people. I think they are scared of me. It is kind of weird. Also I think it is interesting that the guys here don't blatantly harrass the girls, even though the girls here dress way more sexy than in the U.S. It's freezing outside, but they are wearing ridiculously impractical outfits such as:
-big jackets, shorts, and thigh highs with boots. yes, lacy and/or fishnet thigh highs
-short, short micro mini dresses and skirts
-and of course, high school and middle school girls in those crazy, butt-skimming plaid skirt school uniforms
Are the guys just desensitized to all this?? I don't get it. There is porn everywhere. There are porn-related billboards and advertisements in places as public as trains and train stations. There are foot fetish cartoons on display in 7-11s. Underwear advertisements on TV feature close-ups of guys shaking their junk in tight briefs. Yet people are totally discreet in public and aren't obnoxious. Are all these seemingly normal people total weirdos? I want to figure it out.
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