kikotoast (kikotoast) wrote,

Uggghh I give up on the whole maid cafe thing. I can't and won't spoon-feed customers in a frilly dress for 1000yen an hour. I feel bad because my mom even helped me translate the application. I get the feeling that she knows what maid cafes really are, but it's funny that she actually wants me to get the job. And she was totally against my idea of working at a hostess club. They're basically the same thing, except in a cafe the girls are dressed like french maids and in the cabaret club they wear gowns.

Anyway, yesterday I went to Roppongi to look at clubs. I went into the fanciest and most famous strip club (even though I'm scared they will reject me). The manager said I "could make a lot of money" (they always say that). I think he meant because I can speak Japanese and English? I felt really dumb because I asked him if it worked like an American club, but he said he had no idea. Duh! They guy had a British accent. I always forget that in Tokyo there are English-speaking people from everywhere, and not every white person speaks English. And black people are usually from Africa, not the U.S. Sometimes I realize that the U.S. is not the whole world.
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