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To my great surprise, they hired me. I felt really embarrassed though because all the other girls were stick thin and wearing fancy dresses. I was wearing a cheap bikini and was the biggest girl there. I hate that when I go into stores, they sometimes don't have clothes big enough for me. It's frustrating. I had to buy a gown for work and everything I tried on was too damn small!! I found a stretchy black thing though, I hope it is fancy enough. I've never worked in a fancy place where you make more money off of selling bottles of Dom Perignon than doing private dances. There are even bottles of champagne that cost over $2000! What was even more shocking was that the management even sat me down and actually gave me an hour long orientation. In SF they just plop you in on your first shift and tell you to do dance.

I'm excited for my first shift tonight!! Hopefully I'll sell lots of overpriced champagne. And make some friends. There were all kinds of girls there, mostly from Russia, Ukraine, and Romania. I saw one Japanese girl. There are supposed to be some Brazilian girls too. It's interesting that when the customers walk in, the door guy asks them if they want to sit with a foreign girl or a Japanese girl. Supposedly the Japanese girls make more money, so I hope they categorize me as such.

I love that the customers pick the dancers rather than dancers having to walk around and bug them. And that it was actually busy on a Tuesday night, unlike Centerfolds, which could go without customers for hours on a Friday. Seventh Heaven seems like a much more humane club than the downright cruel SF clubs, where they charge you $240 per night to work and make you tip out the floor guys, dj and door person. Clubs in SF really tried to exploit dancers in every way imaginable. It seems unbelievable that at this Japanese club I only have to pay about $65 stage fee and don't have to tip anyone. I am sooo excited!! I'm just pissed off at myself for forgetting to bring my clear shoes that cost me $20, so I have to buy a pair here for $180.
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