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drunk and indifferent in Roppongi.. finished my homework already

I really want to explore Japan! That's what I came here to do. I didn't come here to get drunk with guys in Roppongi. I want to take a bullet train to Osaka and Okinawa. That would be awesome. I think my time is limited though because the cockroaches will appear soon (when the temperature reaches 25 degrees Celsius).

I want to go home for just a few days! But I had a pretty good night. It is Saturday night. I am so tired! My job is emotionally exhausting more than anything. My body is exhausted as well. I am a little drunk, but I resolved not to get so drunk this week (which probably wont't last very long). I want to go back to San Francisco, which seems stupid considering how much I wanted to come here. I miss my friends back in the States, and I miss the LL. I'm just tired of my job.. figuring out how to network with rich dudes and how to block out my emotions is the hardest part. It is a job full of emotions such as guilt, jealousy, and anxiety.

I am just glad that I am doing my humanities course (which is part of the IGETC course requirements to get into UCs). I feel that as long as I am being productive and doing school, I will get somewhere someday.
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