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I always forget that the trains here stop running at 12:30AM! I went to Harajuku last night to hang out and make friends, which was fun. Before I knew it, it was like 1AM and I was stuck in Harajuku. I really like Harajuku. There are cool artsy shops and lots of various fashionable people like punks and gothic lolitas. Anyway I was stuck, so I decided to walk around til 5, when the trains start. I started walking, and eventually got to Shibuya, which is one of the best places to party. Everything was still open at 3AM, even hair/nail salons, karaoke clubs, Starbucks, and noodle shops of course! I just wonder what would compel someone to get a haircut at 3 in the morning. I can't imagine myself going bar-hopping and suddenly realizing that my hair has lots of split ends.

The other night my co-worker invited me to go to a host club after work. I totally think that is the weirdest thing! Why would girls pay some guys they don't even know to talk to them?! Especially after having to talk to random dudes all night. I totally thought host clubs were for gay dudes for the longest time. I just couldn't believe people when they said that hostesses and lonely women go to host clubs. Anyway I declined, because I think it would be really awkward.

Girls really like to talk shit at work, which I should have expected, but the stuff I heard about myself just cracked me up! Last week I had a customer request me specifically so I went and sat with him. Apparently he was another girl's customer, which he hadn't told me! Ahhh! So the girl was all pissed off at me. No fair! I had to leave the customer so she could be with him. Later he asked for me again because he didn't like her. He said that she had called me a skank and a transsexual. A TRANSSEXUAL! He was all freaked out about it, like "tell me you're not really a guy"! I fucked around with him for a bit and told him that I had my dick snipped off a few years ago and that I'm on hormones. He believed it, and it took me like 5 minutes to convince him that I was just kidding. Like, pointing at my throat and saying, "see? No Adam's apple!". Anyway I was really amused that "tranny" was the worst insult the other girl could think of. Also it was kind of an honor to be called one, because it takes a lot of work to be a tranny
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