kikotoast (kikotoast) wrote,

I think I will quit soon. I'm getting sick of being sick all the time from drinking so much. My lack of discipline is going to kill me.

The Japanese customers are so weird. Kind of funny too. The other night, I decided to approach this old dude, he must have been about 80. I was with my
Chinese friend, and after introducing ourselves he just pointed at her and said, "You're Chinese". She speaks good Japanese too! I asked him what I am and he said "You're a half". He asked me what the other half is, so I told him I am of German descent. And then he said, "ah yes, I really love Germany, especially Berlin. We should have another war, this time without Italy". I nearly fell over laughing. My friend just had this look on her face.. I can't describe it except as a "WTF" sort of expression.

Then I had this other guy who I wanted to get a dance from, and he said "I can't do that. My father just died". And he pulled out a picture of his father. I don't know why he would do that. It made me really uncomfortable.

A lot of Japanese men like to ask me if I am an S or an M. The men are always M. I haven't met an S yet. I got this man the other night who said, "guess if I'm an S or an M". So I slapped him, and he slapped me back, and we started to slap and fight each other like little kids. He was having a good time, and I was laughing, and it was just funny. My friend came over and was like, "what are you doing to the customer?!". I asked him for a dance too, and he just gave me money for slapping him and didn't even want a dance. That made me happy.

The cherry trees started to bloom, but it got cold again, so the trees are once again as bare as they were when I first got here. I hope they bloom soon! It's truly beautiful to see the cherry trees with masses of pink blossoms. I feel pretty Japanese by now. They all like to talk about the cherry trees. Even on the weather channel. Right after finding out whether it will rain tomorrow or not, you find out where and when the cherry blossoms will bloom.
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